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Matts Models Review

Reviewed: 2012-12-11
Quick site rank and complete review of Matts Models | Categories: Legal Teens, Amateur, Babes

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silver rank
Our Rating: 85/100

Quality of Content: 21/25

Purchase Value: 20/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 1/10

Content Variety: 10/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 8/10

Navigation: 5/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: yes

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For MattsModels

User Rating: 65/100 - based on 443 votes.

Price & Payment Options

30 Days


Standard price: $29.95 (30 days, recurring at $29.95 / 30 days)

180 Days


Standard price: $49.00 (180 days, recurring at $14.95 / 30days)

365 Days


Standard price: $99.00 (365 days, non recurring)

Tour Promises

Matt's Models promises to be the best and the largest amateur nude site on the net, featuring 700+ teen and amateur models posing for the first time in 2000+ photo sets and 600+ adult movies of strip tease, solo masturbation, and hardcore sex.

My Opinion About MattsModels

UPDATE - I lowered the score as the site isn't updating since 2010, there is still a lot of content inside, but no new updates are being added.

Update - Posted on 28th, July 2006 : The last time we looked at Matt's Models was in 2004 and two things can happen in that time. First, improvements could be made to the site, and second, more content could be added. One thing for sure is that there's a hell of a lot more content! 700 new sets of photos have been added since that time. I'm not exactly sure how many videos there were, but right now there are 601 listed, which isn't anything to snub.

There's been a design restructuring and I can't say that it impresses me, but it is easy to navigate, menu options are well-defined and there's no advertising. What I particularly enjoyed was the photo journal, which is comprised of Matt's personal thoughts on various models or making porn.

A new option is being able to navigate the site in different languages, which will appeal to those who speak Spanish, French, Dutch or Italian. The variety of models remains the same and there are 710 of them these days. Photos remain the same good quality with up to 300 images in a .zip download. Movies have also remained the same, and it's in this area where I felt the site should come up to speed with other amateur sites who are delivering videos in 1MB bitrates. In this case, I'm removing a mark for quality and adding one for updates, which occur almost daily now. Of course, this makes the same score as has always been, especially when it comes to amateur babes and photos: excellent. End of Update.

Original Review Follows : So who is this guy Matt, being so proud of his work to even name the site after him? Matt, the self proclaimed king of anti-glam is an adult photographer, with a damn good nose, when it comes to sniff good looking and eager-to-strip amateur babes. Not only is he a great talent seeker, he's not a lazy ass either - judging by the huge amount of pictures and videos he produced already. Almost 500 models and more than 100 000 pictures surely is a huge amount, especially when talking about all exclusive stuff and not some bullshit 100 times seen leased content. Well, at least the tour promises these content volumes, so lemme check out the inside to make sure there aint no lies posted over there.

Matts Models is indeed a huge site, no wonder thou, the site is running it's 5th year already. And judging by the update frequency (at least twice a week) it will further grow like cloned beans :-) As of today, the number of models is about to reach 500 and there is already more than 100 000 pictures inside. One would say that it's impossible to find so many good looking girls, but Matt managed that somehow. I am not saying that all the girls here are plain beautiful, but I didn't find any that would make me puke :-) Whatever your taste, you are guaranteed to find the perfect babe here - be it a "white" girl or some latin, asian or ebony chick. The same goes for your body preferences - skinny, busty, small titted - they are all here. I have seen a few girls I recognized, but waste majority of them was unknown to me, so this site will be the right one for those of you who seek fresh faces.

Navigating around the members area of Matts Models isn't a complicated task, either. Several options are prepared to make your search easier - the best option is to list all his models and pick the one who's face you like the best. You can also take a look at the 30 Top babes (you can vote too), check out the latest additions or just use the search function. Once you picked a babe, you can view her pics one-by-one or download whole sets (usually 2 or 3 sets per model) in form of .zip files. Quality of these pics is very high, sharp and well shot and their resolution varies based on the date of production - 512*683 - 800*1067 - newer pics are better obviously. Don't be afraid to find just softcore pics here, it's absolutely the other way around - these babes are not afraid to spread their pussies, lick it a bit or get fucked hard :-) I picked samples that contain both new and older pics to give you a good idea about both of them, so go check them out.

Matt produces also videos, so let's take a look at those. All videos are available for download, mostly in two or four different formats (WMV, Quicktime, Real or Mpeg). Two types of videos are available, the first part are regular porn vids - a lot of masturbation, lesbian, hardcore and threesome scenes. These scenes are about 20 minutes long on average and each is cut into smaller segments (about 5 minutes each). The second part contains audition videos, with a lot of current Matts models. These were very interesting to watch, each is about 5 minutes long and gives you plenty of info about each girl. I tried a few videos and their quality was pretty good, encoded at about 400-500 kbit/s. There is sure a bit of space for improvements here, but the videos are not bad at all, actually very good for the amateur porn scene.

Of course there are also live shows to be found on this site, either with Matts girls or some other girls who are online at that time. In case you miss some of Matt's shows, you can download these in the Live Shows Archive. Their quality was surprisingly high, I mean the archived ones - not always will you get live shows with sound and good picture quality. I have also seen some leased feeds somewhere on the site, but honestly I didn't bother to check them out - with so much exclusive pics and videos provided by Matt himself, why waste my time with some Pythonvideo feeds? :-)

Final Verdict

MattsModels.Com is an excellent amateur model site, there is a huge amount of content available and all is in very good quality. Anybody looking for some fresh faces shouldn't think any longer and join this site right now. Matt delivers all you might ever want, in both picture and video format - I really liked this site and I am sure you will too.

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Members Area ScreenShots

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Sample Pictures

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User Comments

porn video
2018 Sep 24, 07:12, India
hi i visit your site realy great and cool and Your posts are awesome Thank you

2012 Jan 14, 13:05, punjab
U r so sexy my darling........

2011 Oct 08, 13:51, pakistan
very very sexy girl

2011 Sep 26, 18:13, sexy
i love matts models i am fuck only one type

2011 Apr 13, 20:45, medan

2010 Oct 02, 01:25, jmp
very good

2009 Dec 31, 14:27, aleppo
i like sweet young girls

2009 Apr 13, 03:25, UK
I prefer amateurs to professional, glossy porn stars, but the picture quality on this site is generally poor. The latest stuff is okay, but never really that sharp, but some of the older stuff is awful - 10 years ago, low res, fuzzy pictures might have been acceptable, but not now. You need to rescan or delete these, as they make the site seem cheap and amateurish in the worst sense of the word! There are some really attractive girls, but the photographs don't really do them justice.

2008 Aug 28, 20:34, pakistan
The video is a little much to download, the site doesn't update as much as I would like. But it is a good site.

2008 Mar 31, 16:44, asia
i like sweet young girls

2007 Dec 24, 10:19, UK
Great site, with constant fresh content. I expecially like the progressive photos in sequence.

2007 Nov 03, 21:43, India
very good

2007 May 30, 01:05, aungchanthar
how is ur pic
how's ur viginna

2007 May 04, 07:11, lko
I Want Suzy forever for fucking

2006 Sep 17, 02:50, thailand
everytime goodview thankyou

2006 Sep 16, 02:24, maldives
best website in the world

2006 Aug 07, 21:38, jack
No.the video is a little.

2006 Jul 11, 10:42, la
Pretty models, occasionally had trouble streaming.

2006 Jun 11, 14:18, US
Too much emphasis on shaved pussies! No variety! It's probably OK if you are into the pre-puberty look though.

2006 Jun 07, 04:33, amberpet
yes i have a lot of experence to saw this site. I like this site totally this onew of the site to enjoy to all. this is also one of unknown thing to some people to how to fuck his new wife.

2006 May 06, 09:51, CA
Hey guys we had some server problems last month related to a huge growth spurt the site experienced. We've completely redesigned the site to make it faster and easier to use, we're updating every day, and we added several new language options. This had resulted in a flood of traffic and increased usage by members. We've recently upgraded to all-new servers, so these server problems listed below are a thing of the past. Any questions please feel free to email us or post a message in our forums. Thanks - Ryan, Matt's webmaster

2006 Apr 17, 13:36, Admin
Reply to "s" : I have no idea what the problem might be, have you tried emailing their support? Some things you might try first : clear your browsers cache, erase all "offline content" including cookies. Try a different browser, firefox for example. It might help.

2006 Apr 17, 05:58, wa
heres an update to my comments posted as s above. this is a copy and paste of the error messege matts models is displaying instead of their home page. if my problems are my doing can anyone tell me what this means?
shitDuplicate entry '3436462' for key 1

2006 Apr 17, 05:30, wa
connectivity is intermittent and sometimes they're just gone. with their mercenary attitude towards refunds you'd think they'd step up and at least do their part

2006 Jan 02, 16:57, US
I wish Matt would get back to the ASS basics. He used to present the derriere so well. What happened, man?

2005 Nov 11, 01:08, pak
it is a so sexy site.

2005 Nov 10, 10:32, mass.
models are hot mostly hot smiley faces.

2005 Oct 21, 08:40, germany
not convincing, it's just not good enough for any claim of quality
I click a liitle bit more around, will see what I can find

2005 Sep 02, 13:07, gujranwala
i like sweet young girls

2004 Oct 11, 14:00, pakistan
they r very sexy and beautiful

2004 Jun 02, 20:35, Bloomington, Indiana
The best site I've seen for quantity & quality pics of naturally beautiful women. No silicone mountains, or painted desserts in this part of Silicon Valley.

2004 Apr 27, 20:21, here
Great site, with constant fresh content. I expecially like the progressive photos in sequence.

2004 Mar 26, 12:35, vegas
The video is a little much to download, the site doesn't update as much as I would like. But it is a good site.

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